Jayn Lee-Miller

23.07.2018 00:19

Congratulations on winning the Cabaret Awards 2018. I am really looking forward to your show.

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01.11 | 15:54

Thanks for your kind words. I made the round screen myself - it is possible to get round pop-up photographers' reflectors which work quite well.

01.11 | 15:52

Thanks David - I don't currently have any bookings in Glasgow - it may be worth signing up to my newsletter (link on the contact page) as I periodically send out What's On updates.

28.10 | 20:21

I saw you at the Upfront venue today. Amy chance of you performing in Glasgow soon, my grandchildren would love to see you.

17.10 | 14:08

Hello ,
I just saw your videos on youtube and I love it, I would like to know where you bought your round screen, thank you, Sylvain Gerard

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